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Baby pottery | Hand and footprints

Capture your little ones hand and footprints forever with our help to get the perfect prints.
If you want to create a gift for someone special or a little something to go in a keepsake box we offer lots of different options to suit all budgets.
We recommend that babies are around 5 weeks old for handprints as we need their hands to be relaxed and open.

The Options

Ceramic prints


From £10

Ready in

1-2 weeks

Pick a pottery piece with a smooth flat surface, choose a colour and a member of staff will help to take hand and footprints.

Mugs, plates, tiles and coasters are popular options but we can put prints onto vases, trinket boxes, pen pots, cookie jars and photo frames and more!

Once you have the precious prints you can add writing and decorations yourself or have us finish your piece off for an extra charge.

Clay Imprints



Ready in

4-6 weeks

By using wet clay we can create a 3D impression of little hands and feet (or paws) because they are pushed into the clay, imprints are more tactile than a ceramic piece.

All our clay imprints are finished by hand in the studio with your choice of colour and text, due to this being a lengthy process they take a little longer to be ready to collect.

SIlvery Jewellery


From £95

Ready 1-2 weeks

Your prints on a piece of handmade silver jewellery.

We will take hand, foot or finger prints in the studio to make sure they're perfect. These are then stamped into a hand crafted silver keepsake. We stock the full range from a locally based business, you can view the different options here, please get in touch for prices.

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