Thoughtful Christmas gift ideas

There's nothing worse than hitting a mental block when it comes to gift-giving - especially at Christmas. Why not visit our pottery studio in Newmarket and kill two birds with one stone? Spend a few hours doing something relaxing, whilst making something unique and special for someone you love. If you have little ones, bring them along and they can make something festive for relatives that will make their hearts smile. If you're looking for inspiration, here are our best thoughtful Christmas gift ideas.

Vase for Granny and bouquet subscription

Why not create a dedicated vase for Granny to put her flowers in? You could pair it with this awesome bouquet subscription. This way she'd have a gorgeous bouquet from you every month and something gorgeous to pop them in. Guaranteed to make her smile.

Christmas tree decorations

We have a wide range of Christmas decorations in all shapes and sizes ready to hang off your tree or gift to a loved one. You just need to pop along and put your personal stamp on it. Why not make matching decorations for all your relatives? That way everyone would have a matching decoration in their house.

Coffee mug for Dad

Does your Dad love his coffee in the morning? Decorate a mug he can use all year round. You could paint a portrait of him, paint the whole family or write your own message. Don't forget to include the date so he can remind himself in years to come!

Paint your brother a cookie jar

If your brother is always stealing your sweet treats then grab a cookie jar and label it as his. You could write things like "hands off" and his name in big. Make sure you fill the jar with all of his favourite sweet snacks before wrapping it up and popping it under the tree.

Gift mum a breakfast plate

Our plates are perfect for customising as they have plenty of white space. Why not paint your Mum's favourite breakfast on it and then give her an "IOU" for breakfast in bed on boxing day?

Trinket box for your best friend

Buy your best friend some handmade jewellery or a friendship bracelet and then come and customise a trinket box to pop it in. Watch her unwrap it like a Russian tea doll of thoughtfulness.

Create a mini hamper

We have some supersized mugs in the studio just ready to be painted and then filled with thoughtful gifts. You could paint their name on the front and a cute message on the back. Inside you could include their favourite chocolate bar, nail polish, hot chocolate sachet, some cosy socks and a face mask. Wrap it up and you have the perfect winter warmer gift in one shopping trip!

We hope you liked our thoughtful Christmas gift ideas. Our pottery items make for amazing gifts on their own but we think that paired with other gifts this shows you truly care.

We'd love to hear your ideas! Let us know in the comments.

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